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About Us

About Us

Our Story

When we entered the real-estate market in 2008, we realised very quickly that we would have to do something different to make this disorganised industry easy for a client to navigate. We found that clients were often confused between the many layers of the various processes involved, particularly when it came to liaisoning services related to government departments.

Founder & Managing Director Madhu Damodaran made it his mission to bring transparency to the industry. His aim was to help clients become more aware of how their money and time was being utilised and towards what ends. One of his then business partners proposed the employment of technology to make the workflow more efficient and transparent. This integration of technology also made it easier to bring together different real-estate business associates under one umbrella.

Our brokerage services include buying, selling, and renting of properties; property and facility management services; as well as 40+ liaison services for both businesses and customers. We go the extra mile to make sure that our buyers and sellers are fully aware of the finer points of the process, particularly the legal aspects.

As an organisation, we hold ourselves to the highest standards possible to achieve maximum client satisfaction. We pride ourselves on having created a seamless system that offers clients a time and cost efficient service, complete transparency, 100% confidentiality, full guidance and step-by-step updates with the help of dedicated Customer Relationship Management teams for each service.

Over the last decade, we have built an on-ground team and a technology integrated workflow that have helped us become one of the best real-estate service providers in Coimbatore and other cities across Tamil Nadu.


Madhu DamodaranFounder & Managing Director

Our Founder

As a property owner who struggled for many years navigating the system, Founder & Managing Director Madhu Damodaran’s client-oriented approach comes from a very personal place.

As far back as 1995, he was faced with many hurdles when trying to sell a plot of land as he had no one to guide him on the necessary paperwork. And then it took him nearly a decade between 1998 and 2007 to sell his family property. Over the course of this challenging period, he was exposed to the many sides of the real-estate business – from the brokerage services related to the market, buying and selling, as well as all the complex legal aspects, such as selling an unapproved plot and the process required to register a property.

Not one to give up in the face of adversity, Madhu unsuccessfully tried his hand at two commercial projects, but then went on to successfully set up another two such ventures. From both his failures and successes, he learned valuable lessons on the right approach and planning needed to see through a real-estate project. Then, while he was associated with the Rakindo Kovai Township project, he realised the importance of having liaison services as an integral and integrated part of any real-estate company offering brokerage services.

It was the amalgamation of many years of experience as a real-estate customer and businessman that led him to evolve the ‘hybrid model’ of Lands & Lands, bringing together brokerage, liaisoning, property and facility management services all under one roof. But more than anything else, it was his early years of struggle that embedded in him a deep appreciation for the need to reorganise the real-estate industry to make it more client oriented. Hence, the motto: "Realise greater value with peace of mind."

Our Team



Senior Executive - Liaison Operations

Don't let Saravan's playful manner fool you – he's always on top of all his tasks! Never at a loss for words, Mr. Cool is also adept at handling both his clients and the staff at the government department. His future plans include channelling his handy people skills to become a politician.



Manager - Liaison Operations

The 'dreaded' taskmaster, Porchelvi gets the job done, even if it means 'tormenting' her teammates at any hour of the day. A quick learner with a strong work ethic, it's no surprise to anyone that she's become a pillar of strength at the company. She's frank about her opinions, including her love of fish curry!



Manager - Administration

Meet Sivadas – our resident Grandpa and dumb charade champion! A multi-linguist thanks to the many years he spent in the Middle East, he never availed even a day of sick leave during his 18 years there. Our favourite anecdote about him is the lunch party he threw for the entire office, just to show his affection for all of us!



Executive - Liaison Technical

Perhaps nothing explains Pradeep better than the paradox of him being a good listener, who still asks for everything to be repeated a second time. Always eager to learn, he idolises his father and hopes to buy as much land as he did to explore his interest in agriculture.



Head - Liaison Sales & Operations

Out for a good deal? Ask Selva – he always finds the best offer available! Aka Arvind Swamy of Lands and Lands, this travel and food junkie used to be a basketball player. Now, he's exchanged dribbling on court for an obsession with drinking hot water! He's super punctual and keeps himself on a strict routine, but to everyone else, he’s a soft-hearted team lead.



Executive - Liaison Technical

Always ready to lend a helping hand, that too with a smile, Kumar's sense of responsibility and artistic eye make him a great asset to the team. In fact, his CAD designs are nothing less than a work of art. We are sure his skills will come in handy when designing his own big dream house! An admirer of Che Guevara, this soft-spoken man loves to unwind with long bike rides.



Senior Realtor

A borderline phone addict, versatile Srinivasan is on the constant look out for ways to optimise business processes. Having spent many years in the travel industry, he hopes to travel with his eight-year-old daughter to every country in Europe. He loves to eat anything and everything non-vegetarian.



Head - Rentals & Property Management

Vickram is the Julius Caesar of Lands and Lands. He sees, he conquers. Although Hitler, Vivekananda and Genghis Khan inspire him, he is his own role model. Munching on his ghee biscuits, Vikram is always on the go searching for new ideas. When he is not racking his brain for ways to be proactive, he’s making plans for his next travel adventure on his bike. He is the happiest person in the room and believes he has it all.



Head - Facility Management

Charles is the all-time manifestation of the smiling emoji. He respects everyone a lot, especially those who use the word ‘so’ before every sentence. He is not just super efficient at his job, but wants everyone around him to be happy all the time. A strict non-vegetarian, he loves his long calorie-burning walks.



Not provided

Krishna may not be a man of many words, but the few words that come out of his mouth are informative and meaningful to those around him. Hence, he is the scholar of Lands and Lands. Unsurprisingly enough, he used to be a college professor. Because he can’t touch the horizon, he dreams of buying a bike, naming it ‘Sky’, and travelling solo from Kanyakumari to Kashmir.



Not provided

If you can’t spot Sribharath in a crowd, look for his fancy bike instead. He is super polite, likes to stay fit, and is out to learn something new everyday. Though one may think he’s all set in life, he finds himself in a constant dilemma: Whether to turn into a robot without any feelings or to deep dive into spirituality.



Facility Manager

Senthil has many names at Lands and Lands: The most-wanted person (not for the wrong reasons, of course), man of steel, best negotiator, one more pillar of the company, all-rounder. To handle all of this, he even gave up drinking his 20 cups of tea every day. Though he adapts to his circumstances effortlessly, he is accident-prone. However, you can always count on him to take up responsibilities and risks.



Head - Buy & Sell

Ravi lights up a room just by his friendly presence. This has helped him analyse and negotiate hard on the job. Also known as Mr Health Conscious, he recently completed a 700-hour-long yoga course in Mysuru. When he is not thinking of the nutritional aspects of his next meal, you will find him playing the flute or sitting down to watch his favourite film Gladiator.



Manager - Accounts & Finance

Doing anything on a budget sparks joy for Karthika! She’s always on the fly, and is very particular to never repeat a mistake. This hard-worker commutes to office every single day, a distance of roughly 62 km from her home. A fan of sustainable living, she hopes to take up a farmer’s plough someday. Even better, she loves cows. Moo!



Head - Business Development

Kesica is our ‘people person’. Bitten by the travel bug, 2020 hasn’t been the best year for her. This former professional tennis player loves to keep herself organised. She hopes to have a light-bulb moment someday, like Elon Musk had about Tesla. During her free time, she volunteers at an NGO for canines.



Senior Executive - Administration

With a perpetual curiosity, Lokeshwari is a teacher in students’ clothing. She won the first-ever Associate of the Month award at Lands and Lands, and celebrated this accomplishment with a plate of mutton biryani.



Executive - Adminstration

Sadasivam is the Clark Kent of Lands and Lands. And his superpowers include remembering what anyone said or did many million years ago. With a big smile that is a constant, he is the biggest asset of the company. This diet-conscious person is sincere, consistent and punctual. Simply put, he is touted as the ‘model’ associate around here.



Not Provided

Although he is officially the chauffeur at Lands and Lands, Silambu also is the unofficial but fully acknowledged caretaker of the office. He is very particular about car cleanliness. He once got too hungry and ate a colleague’s lunch. Word of advice: Hold onto your lunches, or risk going hungry.



Executive - Client Relations

Swathi never runs out of topics for conversation. The welcoming face at Lands and Lands, her quirkiness is unending. With her camera ready, she is itching to get her passport stamped till the last page. For this foodie, the marriage between naan and paneer butter masala is the ultimate combination.



Not provided

The Martha Stewart of Lands and Lands, Manimekalai takes care of all of us. Always checking in on us, she makes sure we have eaten our lunches and brings our tea or coffee to us. She is the sole reason the office looks like the cover image of a lifestyle magazine.