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Legal and Documentation Services

Posted On: October 21, 2021
Author: Tanvi Elizabeth John

Liaison Services: How we do it at Lands and Lands​​​​​​​

As one of the most relevant and trusted real estate firms in the city, we play a significant role when it comes to liaison services. Our extensive end-to-end services include all legal documentation and administrative assistance for landlords, renters, sellers and even property buyers. With extensive experience and knowledge in various legal procedures, we are fully up to speed with all the local regulations and legal requirements. As a team, we consider it top priority to maintain transparency and strike the right balance between the party requiring these services and the party or institution providing them. We achieve the desired outcome based on thorough analysis, comprehensive planning, coordination and smooth execution. 

How do we do this better? 

At Lands and Lands, we understand the difficulty of navigating through various legal entities, procedures and requirements due to which we have installed smooth systems for each service vertical, automated updates for our clients and most of all, stringent checks to maintain complete confidentiality and transparency. 

‘Effortless Functioning’ is the cornerstone of our liaison services due to which it has made us neoteric in the space of legal proceedings and administrative assistance. Before taking up any request or project, we make sure to closely scrutinize the requirements of our customers and put forth viable solutions and suggestions that are suitable to their case and circumstances. Once we are approached, we immediately start working on the case gathering as much intel about the land and the legalities surrounding the same. Regardless of the location, our team effortlessly conducts various investigations such as land surveys, land laws and/or problems during acquisition etc. We do not compromise on budgeting and time management as they are just as important as getting the job done. Our relentless effort grants our clients approvals, sanctions and even solutions if caught in the clutches of a legal hurdle.

Fundamentally, we: 

  • Identify and advise services and solutions surrounding on-site construction, land procurement etc. 
  • Procure sanction from competent authorities for utilities such as water, pollution, electricity etc. 
  • Assist and coordinate with various government officials and departments at varying levels in the shortest possible time. 
  • Obtain permits, approvals, licenses, no objection certificates, clearances etc from various state, central and local governing bodies or government authorities. 

When are we needed?

There are many instances where our services in this area are called for. Several times while constructing a structure or purchasing a property, the owners are unaware of the laws of the area or territory or the legal situation of the land or property, thus landing them in a sort of limbo. This is where we step in so as to avoid any repercussions from lack of knowledge and familiarity, we make sure to smoothly wade through the many government rules and regulations and other laws and clauses to safely guard and secure your property or land or building requirements. 

Having done this for so long, we are aware of laying successful foundations that will save you the trouble of future legal troubles  Above it all, our proficiency extends to knowing which office to contact, which officer to approach and the timing to do this all which largely simplifies and expedites the process. Our advisors and team members are familiar with every aspect involved in these proceedings, making our services provided on demand which technically means that we step in only when we are required to do so and/or needed by our clients to. Our involvement can eliminate the complications and either smoothly guide you through the process or we can fully take control of the procedure and procure the approvals for you. 

What are the services we provide?

With over a decade of experience in this industry, we have progressed to providing almost 41 liaison services which are listed below:

  1. Chitta/Patta Transfer
  2. EC 
  3. Subdivision
  4. Property Name Transfer
  5. EB Name Transfer
  6. VLT Assessment
  7. Water Name Transfer
  8. Legal Opinion
  9. Due Diligence
  10. Check Approval Feasibility
  11. Building Plan Approval (LPA & Corporation)
  12. TSLR Name Transfer
  13. Land Use Conversion
  14. Unapproved Layout Regularization
  15. Land Survey
  16. Copy of Documents
  17. Blue Print
  18. Regularization - Online
  19. Regularization - Offline 
  20. Property Tax New Assessment
  21. Building Plan Preparation
  22. eDCR
  23. PreDCR
  24. Forest NOC
  25. Agri NOC
  26. Fire NOC
  27. Tahsildar NOC
  28. Geology and Mining NOC
  29. Railway NOC
  30. Health Dept NOC
  31. PWD NOC
  32. Airport NOC
  33. RDO NOC
  34. HACA Clearance
  35. Sale Deed
  36. Will Deed
  37. Settlement Deed
  38. VLT Name Transfer
  39. GP Opinion
  40. DD Plan Alteration

We look forward to filling the gaps between government bodies, legal agencies etc and clients that require various legal services in the best way possible. Get in touch with us to get started on any of these services today!