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Your ultimate guide to a stress-free and clean home!

Posted On: September 02, 2021
Author: Tanvi Elizabeth John

Marcus Buckingham rightfully once said, “We dream of having a clean house — but who dreams of actually doing the cleaning?“. Tackling and managing regular chores in a messy and untidy house or space can be extremely overwhelming and let’s not forget, emotionally draining as well. It’s hard to manage work and family and the additional job of cleaning your home. There’s so much cleaning and tidying up that needs to be done regularly but it seems easier to just forget about it all and drop onto the couch and watch your favourite show on tv. While that is what happens in most cases, doing that for long won’t make the mess disappear! 
Setting up a list system of daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and seasonally needed chores will make it easy for you to track and tackle housekeeping woes. The saying, ‘everyone hates to clean but everyone loves a clean house’ couldn’t be more true right now. If you’re a novice and have doubts regarding if you need to dust first or vacuum or if you are wondering how to clean the kitchen, then this is your guide to make the most out of your time and get to make your space spotless and shiny in no time! By keeping track of everything that needs to be done 
The (underrated) importance of Housekeeping
The significance of proper housekeeping cannot be underestimated or overstated. When done right, proper cleaning, maintenance and housekeeping can turn any space into a sanctuary for its occupants or owners. A thoroughly cleaned, well-maintained environment promotes the feeling of comfort, enjoyment, safety and security. In a clean environment, with no worries of being exposed to dust, unsanitary conditions or any sort of contamination you are more likely to enjoy the space that you are in. 
The Ultimate Cleaning Guide
Pro cleaning tip: It is recommended that for every cleaning task, start from the highest point in the room. For instance, if you are dusting, make sure to attack the high shelves first! This way you will not miss anything and you won’t accidentally push dust into already swiped clean lower shelves. 
Tip #1 Dust the dust away
Before getting into the sweeping and mopping of it all; make sure to dust every room. An underrated practise but an essential one, regardless of that. Dust all handrails, the undersides of shelves, the topsides of all your furniture as well as lampshades, picture frames, fans, television screens and other knick knacks that occupy space in your home and have the potential to collect dust. When dusting gets hard, pick out a damped waste cloth to do the job! 
Tip #2 Mirrors and glass need to be wiped clean
Make sure to wipe down windows and glasses throughout the house. Stained windows and glasses are a dead giveaway that you haven’t been very active with the cleaning aspects of your home. Make sure to first use a cloth, quickly followed by a dry microfiber cloth that will not leave any streaks behind. 
Tip #3 Vacuuming is the way to go 
 Vacuum every space that you can because all these spaces can easily collect dust over time. You don’t necessarily need to vacuum every inch but make sure to keep the vacuum cleaner moving. Dust that you don’t catch this time, you will catch next time.
Tip #4 Let’s not forget the floors
As a rule of thumb, always remember to sweep, mop, then scrub the floors. This includes kitchen floors, bedroom floors and any other floor that needs it. 
Tip #5 Make those surfaces sparkle
Make sure to wipe down any and all surfaces that come in contact with fingers such as light switches, door handles, phones, television and AC remotes etc. These are places that people tend to forget to clean and these are places that hold the maximum amount of germs. By wiping down all surfaces and counters throughout your home, you are eliminating all possible germs and disinfecting the space to the point of pristine cleanliness.
Let’s split some of the common rooms of your home into areas that can be easily cleaned to make the entire hosing down process that much more efficient and fun! 
Let’s start with everyone’s favorite and one of the hardest places to combat and clean: 
The Kitchen

  • Give the sink a good cleanse everyday! 
  • Eliminate dirty dishes by hand washing or loading the dishes onto the dishwasher.
  • Wipe down the appliances to get rid of spills and stains.
  • De-crumb and declutter the countertops by regularly wiping them down.
  • Make sure to clean the refrigerator out once in a while.
  • Empty the kitchen trash on a daily basis to keep your house smelling fresh. 

The Entry and Living areas

  • Dust, sweep and mop the floors of these areas. 
  • Dust and clean the tops of fan blades and bookcases.
  • Wipe that center table down. 
  • Dust or wash the carpet or mats in these areas.
  • Make sure to clean the upholstery.

The Bedroom 

  • Change your bed sheets and bedspreads on a regular basis and make sure to fluff your pillows. 
  • Put away clean clothes and shoes into your cupboards or the closet.
  • Wipe down the surfaces of your bedside table and the top parts of your cupboards. 
  • Most importantly, clean under your bed!
  • Once in a while, treat your mattress, pillows, bed coverings to a cleaning session.

The Bathroom

  • Make sure to use a strong cleaning agent to clean out the bathroom floors and tiles. 
  • Scrub the insides and outsides of the sinks and toilets.
  • Wipe down the walls of the shower stalls, the tub, mirrors etc to prevent water spotting and soap scum buildup.
  • Wipe down other bathroom fixtures like showerheads, taps, faucets, jet sprays etc with a disinfectant wipe. 

There is no one rule that fits all when it comes to cleaning your home! As long as you are taking the effort to make your home cleaner that what it was a day ago or a month ago, you’re good to go! And always remember as Marie Kondo said, “The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness from living within that environment.”
If you dream of walking into a spotless, hygienic home without having to take the pain or time to involve yourself in some DIY cleaning, you can always think of using Lands and Lands’ house cleaning services. Our team of dedicated cleaners are true professionals. They will make your space spotless, cosy and inviting. Our regular cleaning service repertoire involves cleaning bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and other common areas. Our services are recurring and are available to you whenever you require it and we ensure that at Lands and Lands, all our cleaning experts are trained, developed and led by experienced professionals. With the necessary skills to carry out specialized cleaning tasks safely and efficiently, our professionals offer customized cleaning solutions to meet your specific needs. Our cleaning module focuses on surface cleaning whereas deep level cleaning. Our cleaning services are performed with top tier domestic housekeeping experts and professionals who are equipped with proper cleaning techniques, efficient task management, and important safety considerations so your home can be blemish-free, pristine and hygienic.