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Posted Date: November 07, 2021


Here’s what 25 of our clients had to say about us and our services! 

Lands and Lands was set up with a view to make services in the real estate market easy for clients to navigate in. With a key focus on commercial and residential development, the company’s core strength lies in fulfilling people’s dreams and aspirations by combining innovative technology making it easier to bring together different real estate services under one umbrella. We make sure to go the extra mile in providing our clients with clarity and satisfaction with regard to our brokerage services, liaison services as well as our property and facility management services. 

We take tremendous care in delivering top quality services by creating a system that provides clients with cost effective and time efficient services done in complete transparency and confidentiality. As various processes of these services are complex and increasingly multi-faceted, it is crucial to have a proficient team that can deliver exceptional results which we have invested in as we have an on-ground team with skilled professionals. With an unending pursuit for uncompromising quality, perfection and unprecedented customer care, Lands and Lands has grown to become one of the most trusted and cost efficient real estate brands over the past decade. Here’s what  25 of our clients had to say about us and our services! 

With regard to our Buying and Selling Services

Happy customer #1 

Being away from the site, I was a bit worried initially. But, Lands and Lands maintenance team carried out a splendid job - truly professional.” 

Happy Customer #2 

Despite being out of the country, the transactions were carried out well, without a glitch and with perfect customer communication.” 

Happy Customer #3 

“The team is very professional and supportive.

Special call out to Mr.Ravishankar sir and Mr. Srinivasan sir for educating us on all processes and guiding us in the right direction from the beginning to the end. All our queries are answered on time and communication is very transparent. Overall we are very satisfied and will recommend  their services.”

Happy Customer #4 

The Land and Lands team are doing their work with a professional approach.  They answered all my queries in a timely manner. They made me aware of various aspects of buying land. Their staff Mr. Selvarathinam worked with me and I felt comfortable whenever I spoke with him to get clarified on some aspects . Selvarathinam clearly explained the process that they are doing and never made any compromise on the quality of the service. It was indeed a very good experience.”

Happy Customer #5

“We did a sale transaction through Lands and Lands, very much satisfied with the coordination and service. They are very responsive for each and every clarification. They have completely taken care of the process end to end. Good quality and transparent.”

Happy Customer #6

“Sir, peruse the link and all the points will be answered. Your contribution right from day one in finalising the sale process has been swift and smooth. The team’s efforts and dedication are highly commendable and highly appreciated. Thanks once again for the prompt action taken at all stages”

Happy Customer #7

“Professional services .. Good response times for queries and patience in replying to customers. Special call out to Mr.Selva for his good coordination for my property purchase. Any property needs, you can reach out to Lands and Lands safely”

Happy Customer #8

“Land and lands team were so professional and humble. They were on point with their work ethics, pre and post sales/purchase and very supportive.”

Happy Customer #9

“We did a sale transaction through Lands and Lands, very much satisfied with the coordination and service. They are very responsive for each and every clarification. They have completely taken care of the process end to end. Good quality and transparent.”

With regard to our Liaison Services

Happy Customer #10

“The Lands and Lands team is very professional in handling all the requests and answering the queries. I really appreciate the way they have handled the process to accomplish the task and provided the documents on the committed date. It is not simple as it requires lots of follow-ups to different Government departments. Special thanks to Mr.Ravishankar and his team for transparent communication and guidance throughout the period.”

Happy Customer #11

“Thanks to Lands and Lands for making my Regularization done within time. Ms. Swathi from the team collected my documents and kept it safely and she returned within time as she said. Well done to the team for executing it as they said. As I had to go to my native and since it was a holiday she did the process well and informed me on time. I appreciate Swathi from Executive Client Relations. I recommend this real estate consultant for each and every service they do perfectly and they handle the customer with good quality and they all are responsive.” 

Happy Customer #12

“Excellent service! Reasonable charges and straight forward. We approached  Ms. Selvi of Lands and Lands for Patta transfer. She collected all the required documents and promised us that it would get done in a week. As promised, the delivery  was on time. She introduced us to the rest of the team and their approach is highly professional and they pay impeccable attention to details. I strongly recommend Lands and Lands to anyone and everyone as you don’t need to worry about anything, once you are engaged with them. Thank you very much Ms. Selvi for your guidance and support.”

Happy Customer #13

“We approached the land approval services of this company,Land and lands.. Really amazing work they did.. They took all the documents from us and gave good feedback and got us the Approval from the corporation. Thanks Selva for your support... I will recommend him anytime and anywhere…”

Happy Customer #14

“I'd like to compliment your Company , for the excellent service you provided me last week. Your employees helped me to sort out our Building Approved problems immediately. We have been struggling with these problems for a long time. But you people immediately gave me the solutions. I have always been pleased with the service I receive from your Company. However, Lands and Lands’ professionalism and ability to get to the bottom of the situation quickly exceeded my expectations. Thank you once again.”

Happy Customer #15

“So trustworthy ! Thanks Swathi in Lands and Lands company. Thanks to the team for making DTCP online. They work well. I called Swathi and informed about my requirement since I live in Chennai and informed her that I won't be able to come to Coimbatore at present for their special camp regarding Online Registration. Suddenly she collected all the documents through whatsapp and guided and helped me from Coimbatore. I paid online and they handed over my copy online in 1 hour. I was slightly doubtful regarding the online pay but Swathi informed all the details very clearly and I was completely satisfied and happy about the company and people working there.”

Happy Customer #16

“We approached for unapproved land regularisation process got professional approach and clarify about complete process thanks for lands and lands team”

Happy Customer #17

“Lands and Lands helps to get Patta and DTCP approval. This team works really well and helps with all the details regarding land and all paper works. Good quality and Service. I appreciate their patience and good customer service and I had a good and great experience.”

Happy Customer #18

Excellent and quick services rendered by  Lands & Lands Office regarding the Registration of my  "Will “Patram" at the Sub Registrar Office  Peelamedu is admirable and deserve well appreciation for their timely and quick action.  The speedy service has motivated me to think of future work related engagements with Lands & Lands Office.”

With regard to our Property and Facility Management Services

Happy Customer #19

Totally loved the service, very professional and reasonably priced .

Every nook and  corner of the sofa was very well deep cleaned and done perfectly . Would definitely go back for other services also. Thanks to Mr.Charles Muthuswamy , Mr. Yuvaraj and Mr.Selva.”

Happy Customer #20

I used their services twice- for deep cleaning and for sofa & mattress cleaning. They are very professional, reasonably priced and did the job very well. Every nook and corner of the house was cleaned perfectly and my sofa & mattress was shampoo washed with their equipment and done very well! Would definitely recommend them for all services- A very happy customer!”

Happy Customer #21

“They gave us deep cleaning and home sanitation. I’m really impressed by the service and I really recommend calling them for covid sanitising and cleaning services.”

Some more customer love for other services that were done:

Happy Customer #22

“Lands and lands is very customer friendly, extremely fast and cheerful in their response. Kesica and her crew are as helpful as she herself with their prompt responses. When you go to them the job is done without anything for you to worry about. Highly recommended from my side!!!”

Happy Customer #23

“Excellent, Competent, Reliable professionals to work with. Strongly recommend them to others too.”

Happy Customer #24

“The service here is excellent . As promised all the work was done at a minimum time . The staff is friendly and helpful and answer your queries at any time”

Happy Customer #25

“I have been doing business with Lands and Lands for a long time.Very sincere, hardworking and responsible people.Reliable and trustworthy people. I thank the team for doing an excellent job for us.

Our Priority:

Our priority lies in making our customers happy and that is possible only by delivering what they want in the best way possible. We take pride in our considerable depth of knowledge and resources from having been in the industry for over a decade which allows us to see through our commitment to our customers by successfully providing even in the most difficult situations. Now that you have had twenty five people assure you of our services, do not hesitate to contact us for any of the services that you require.

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Posted Date: October 21, 2021

Legal and Documentation Services

Liaison Services: How we do it at Lands and Lands​​​​​​​

As one of the most relevant and trusted real estate firms in the city, we play a significant role when it comes to liaison services. Our extensive end-to-end services include all legal documentation and administrative assistance for landlords, renters, sellers and even property buyers. With extensive experience and knowledge in various legal procedures, we are fully up to speed with all the local regulations and legal requirements. As a team, we consider it top priority to maintain transparency and strike the right balance between the party requiring these services and the party or institution providing them. We achieve the desired outcome based on thorough analysis, comprehensive planning, coordination and smooth execution. 

How do we do this better? 

At Lands and Lands, we understand the difficulty of navigating through various legal entities, procedures and requirements due to which we have installed smooth systems for each service vertical, automated updates for our clients and most of all, stringent checks to maintain complete confidentiality and transparency. 

‘Effortless Functioning’ is the cornerstone of our liaison services due to which it has made us neoteric in the space of legal proceedings and administrative assistance. Before taking up any request or project, we make sure to closely scrutinize the requirements of our customers and put forth viable solutions and suggestions that are suitable to their case and circumstances. Once we are approached, we immediately start working on the case gathering as much intel about the land and the legalities surrounding the same. Regardless of the location, our team effortlessly conducts various investigations such as land surveys, land laws and/or problems during acquisition etc. We do not compromise on budgeting and time management as they are just as important as getting the job done. Our relentless effort grants our clients approvals, sanctions and even solutions if caught in the clutches of a legal hurdle.

Fundamentally, we: 

  • Identify and advise services and solutions surrounding on-site construction, land procurement etc. 
  • Procure sanction from competent authorities for utilities such as water, pollution, electricity etc. 
  • Assist and coordinate with various government officials and departments at varying levels in the shortest possible time. 
  • Obtain permits, approvals, licenses, no objection certificates, clearances etc from various state, central and local governing bodies or government authorities. 

When are we needed?

There are many instances where our services in this area are called for. Several times while constructing a structure or purchasing a property, the owners are unaware of the laws of the area or territory or the legal situation of the land or property, thus landing them in a sort of limbo. This is where we step in so as to avoid any repercussions from lack of knowledge and familiarity, we make sure to smoothly wade through the many government rules and regulations and other laws and clauses to safely guard and secure your property or land or building requirements. 

Having done this for so long, we are aware of laying successful foundations that will save you the trouble of future legal troubles  Above it all, our proficiency extends to knowing which office to contact, which officer to approach and the timing to do this all which largely simplifies and expedites the process. Our advisors and team members are familiar with every aspect involved in these proceedings, making our services provided on demand which technically means that we step in only when we are required to do so and/or needed by our clients to. Our involvement can eliminate the complications and either smoothly guide you through the process or we can fully take control of the procedure and procure the approvals for you. 

What are the services we provide?

With over a decade of experience in this industry, we have progressed to providing almost 41 liaison services which are listed below:

  1. Chitta/Patta Transfer
  2. EC 
  3. Subdivision
  4. Property Name Transfer
  5. EB Name Transfer
  6. VLT Assessment
  7. Water Name Transfer
  8. Legal Opinion
  9. Due Diligence
  10. Check Approval Feasibility
  11. Building Plan Approval (LPA & Corporation)
  12. TSLR Name Transfer
  13. Land Use Conversion
  14. Unapproved Layout Regularization
  15. Land Survey
  16. Copy of Documents
  17. Blue Print
  18. Regularization - Online
  19. Regularization - Offline 
  20. Property Tax New Assessment
  21. Building Plan Preparation
  22. eDCR
  23. PreDCR
  24. Forest NOC
  25. Agri NOC
  26. Fire NOC
  27. Tahsildar NOC
  28. Geology and Mining NOC
  29. Railway NOC
  30. Health Dept NOC
  31. PWD NOC
  32. Airport NOC
  33. RDO NOC
  34. HACA Clearance
  35. Sale Deed
  36. Will Deed
  37. Settlement Deed
  38. VLT Name Transfer
  39. GP Opinion
  40. DD Plan Alteration

We look forward to filling the gaps between government bodies, legal agencies etc and clients that require various legal services in the best way possible. Get in touch with us to get started on any of these services today! 

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Posted Date: September 28, 2021

Property Management Services in Coimbatore

If we were to properly define property management, it would be that it is the daily or regular oversight of commercial, industrial, or residential properties or real estate by property or facility managers. Technically these managers take the responsibility of day-to-day repairs, security, ongoing maintenance, and the general upkeep of the area or property. While these are the main roles of property managers, there’s so much more that goes on to preserve the value of the properties they manage while generating income or providing reports of its maintenance and upkeep. Some additional responsibilities that are just as important include the screening of potential tenants, drafting, signing, and renewing leases on behalf of property owners, rent collection, property maintenance which includes landscaping, arranging necessary repairs, overseeing security, and even setting up budgets and adhering to the same for property management and its maintenance. 


Who Needs Us?

  • Landlords need property management firms for various reasons. In some cases, many of them may have multiple rental properties but not enough time or expertise to manage and deal with individual tenants. Some owners may be interested in just owning rental properties and making a profit off of them. 
  • Absentee landlords or landowners who do not live in the same vicinity as their property can also make use of our property management services. 


What exactly can we do for you and your property? 

If you own a residential or commercial property that you want to rent out or just an empty property that needs looking after then we: 


#1 Find tenants for your property 

  • Working with us will save you a lot of effort and time as we will take care of filtering through all the potential prospects to bring to you only those that meet your requirements.
  • Through our extensive database and other resources, we can give your property the right amount of exposure.
  • You can even avail of our supporting legal services to help you draft rental agreements and any other related documentation.


#2 Monitor your property

  • We make sure that your property is monitored periodically and efficiently.
  • You can rest assured that you will be made aware of any attempts of encroachment and that the authorities will be informed if and when necessary.
  • If you are unable to visit your property, the photos and videos we capture will give you the assurance that your property is well taken care of.


#3 Fence your property

Having completed many fencing projects, we are equipped with ample experience to ensure a smooth, conflict-free process.

You can rest assured when it comes to quality of work, which will be executed by our seasoned professionals with high-quality materials.

  • We will take photos and videos before and after we fence the property.
  • We will follow a strict set of guidelines to ensure that the fencing work meets a high-quality standard.
  • The property will be geotagged and a report will be sent to you after the fencing is complete.


#5 Tenant management and tenant vacating inspection 

  • We will visit your property before and after the tenant vacates the property.
  • A thorough inspection of the inventory, furniture and fittings will be carried out based on the specifics of the rental agreement. You will be notified of any damages to your property immediately.
  • We will check for any pending dues such as for electricity or water and inform you accordingly.
  • Our professionals are trained to handle the inspection process so that it is thorough and smooth.
  • An estimate of damages will be furnished for your reference.


Why Choose Us? 

At Lands and Lands, we help our customers find reliable, trustworthy and competent people to look after every aspect of managing your property which often can pose a challenge. At Lands & Lands, we go the extra mile to cover every aspect of real-estate related service offerings which includes overseeing tenant vacation to protecting your property from encroachers and finding reliable contractors for the upkeep and maintenance of your property – all of that is easy through our vast pool of tried and tested resources.

Our property and facility management services also include: 

  • Periodic Visits & Reports
  • Photos & Videos as Evidence
  • Geotagging of Property for Accuracy
  • Years of Property Management Experience
  • Vast Pool of Efficient Resources
  • Related Liaison Support Available


Lands and Lands’ considerable depth of resources promises to enhance customer satisfaction allowing us to provide services even under the most logistically difficult circumstances or conditions.

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Posted Date: September 02, 2021

Your ultimate guide to a stress-free and clean home!

Marcus Buckingham rightfully once said, “We dream of having a clean house — but who dreams of actually doing the cleaning?“. Tackling and managing regular chores in a messy and untidy house or space can be extremely overwhelming and let’s not forget, emotionally draining as well. It’s hard to manage work and family and the additional job of cleaning your home. There’s so much cleaning and tidying up that needs to be done regularly but it seems easier to just forget about it all and drop onto the couch and watch your favourite show on tv. While that is what happens in most cases, doing that for long won’t make the mess disappear! 
Setting up a list system of daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and seasonally needed chores will make it easy for you to track and tackle housekeeping woes. The saying, ‘everyone hates to clean but everyone loves a clean house’ couldn’t be more true right now. If you’re a novice and have doubts regarding if you need to dust first or vacuum or if you are wondering how to clean the kitchen, then this is your guide to make the most out of your time and get to make your space spotless and shiny in no time! By keeping track of everything that needs to be done 
The (underrated) importance of Housekeeping
The significance of proper housekeeping cannot be underestimated or overstated. When done right, proper cleaning, maintenance and housekeeping can turn any space into a sanctuary for its occupants or owners. A thoroughly cleaned, well-maintained environment promotes the feeling of comfort, enjoyment, safety and security. In a clean environment, with no worries of being exposed to dust, unsanitary conditions or any sort of contamination you are more likely to enjoy the space that you are in. 
The Ultimate Cleaning Guide
Pro cleaning tip: It is recommended that for every cleaning task, start from the highest point in the room. For instance, if you are dusting, make sure to attack the high shelves first! This way you will not miss anything and you won’t accidentally push dust into already swiped clean lower shelves. 
Tip #1 Dust the dust away
Before getting into the sweeping and mopping of it all; make sure to dust every room. An underrated practise but an essential one, regardless of that. Dust all handrails, the undersides of shelves, the topsides of all your furniture as well as lampshades, picture frames, fans, television screens and other knick knacks that occupy space in your home and have the potential to collect dust. When dusting gets hard, pick out a damped waste cloth to do the job! 
Tip #2 Mirrors and glass need to be wiped clean
Make sure to wipe down windows and glasses throughout the house. Stained windows and glasses are a dead giveaway that you haven’t been very active with the cleaning aspects of your home. Make sure to first use a cloth, quickly followed by a dry microfiber cloth that will not leave any streaks behind. 
Tip #3 Vacuuming is the way to go 
 Vacuum every space that you can because all these spaces can easily collect dust over time. You don’t necessarily need to vacuum every inch but make sure to keep the vacuum cleaner moving. Dust that you don’t catch this time, you will catch next time.
Tip #4 Let’s not forget the floors
As a rule of thumb, always remember to sweep, mop, then scrub the floors. This includes kitchen floors, bedroom floors and any other floor that needs it. 
Tip #5 Make those surfaces sparkle
Make sure to wipe down any and all surfaces that come in contact with fingers such as light switches, door handles, phones, television and AC remotes etc. These are places that people tend to forget to clean and these are places that hold the maximum amount of germs. By wiping down all surfaces and counters throughout your home, you are eliminating all possible germs and disinfecting the space to the point of pristine cleanliness.
Let’s split some of the common rooms of your home into areas that can be easily cleaned to make the entire hosing down process that much more efficient and fun! 
Let’s start with everyone’s favorite and one of the hardest places to combat and clean: 
The Kitchen

  • Give the sink a good cleanse everyday! 
  • Eliminate dirty dishes by hand washing or loading the dishes onto the dishwasher.
  • Wipe down the appliances to get rid of spills and stains.
  • De-crumb and declutter the countertops by regularly wiping them down.
  • Make sure to clean the refrigerator out once in a while.
  • Empty the kitchen trash on a daily basis to keep your house smelling fresh. 

The Entry and Living areas

  • Dust, sweep and mop the floors of these areas. 
  • Dust and clean the tops of fan blades and bookcases.
  • Wipe that center table down. 
  • Dust or wash the carpet or mats in these areas.
  • Make sure to clean the upholstery.

The Bedroom 

  • Change your bed sheets and bedspreads on a regular basis and make sure to fluff your pillows. 
  • Put away clean clothes and shoes into your cupboards or the closet.
  • Wipe down the surfaces of your bedside table and the top parts of your cupboards. 
  • Most importantly, clean under your bed!
  • Once in a while, treat your mattress, pillows, bed coverings to a cleaning session.

The Bathroom

  • Make sure to use a strong cleaning agent to clean out the bathroom floors and tiles. 
  • Scrub the insides and outsides of the sinks and toilets.
  • Wipe down the walls of the shower stalls, the tub, mirrors etc to prevent water spotting and soap scum buildup.
  • Wipe down other bathroom fixtures like showerheads, taps, faucets, jet sprays etc with a disinfectant wipe. 

There is no one rule that fits all when it comes to cleaning your home! As long as you are taking the effort to make your home cleaner that what it was a day ago or a month ago, you’re good to go! And always remember as Marie Kondo said, “The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness from living within that environment.”
If you dream of walking into a spotless, hygienic home without having to take the pain or time to involve yourself in some DIY cleaning, you can always think of using Lands and Lands’ house cleaning services. Our team of dedicated cleaners are true professionals. They will make your space spotless, cosy and inviting. Our regular cleaning service repertoire involves cleaning bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and other common areas. Our services are recurring and are available to you whenever you require it and we ensure that at Lands and Lands, all our cleaning experts are trained, developed and led by experienced professionals. With the necessary skills to carry out specialized cleaning tasks safely and efficiently, our professionals offer customized cleaning solutions to meet your specific needs. Our cleaning module focuses on surface cleaning whereas deep level cleaning. Our cleaning services are performed with top tier domestic housekeeping experts and professionals who are equipped with proper cleaning techniques, efficient task management, and important safety considerations so your home can be blemish-free, pristine and hygienic.

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