About Us

A Mongolian monk 10,000 years ago said 'Scratch your own itch'. We believe that's true. Just like you - Madhu had to sell a piece of land. Adhithya had to rent out an apartment in a new city where he had taken up a job.

They initially thought online real estate portals are sufficiently taking care of the real estate space and both of them banked on it finally for fulfilling their requirements. They spent almost an entire month with these sites. As cool as they looked, they failed to deliver in the end. It was finally a real estate agent who gave them solutions. But, the real estate agent was so unprofessional, and the number of people in that commission chain seemed endless. You can't blame them. Most of them are not trained professionals and just happened to jump into real estate boom wagon driving innocent civilians crazy. The sad experiences in selling or finding a property ended up in collectively grieving about the state of real estate affairs in our state, and they decided to do something about it. Thus born was Lands and Lands in 2008!!

Guiding Principles


Be serious about this, Do not just leave our clients in the middle like unorganised brokers and classifieds. Be with them. Take care of every part of their real estate need. Allow them to take a break. Get your work done fast.

Knowledge & Networking

In real estate, it is vital to know the government officials, laws, procedures, processes, etc. So, have an inhouse legal team and an outside government relationship team to hold both sides together. Even better, you will get the formalities done faster than you promise.

Process Promises Peace

Make sure your processes are sound and your system is solid. Let your process transparent and inform them everything, all the time so they can relax. Let your clients be met with professionalism and not with a bitter experience.

Do this for the Right Reasons

Let your objectives start off pure, by beginning to serve your people. Now, if this is done with all your heart, tomorrow you will be bigger than you thought. Don't let it change you, for serving is your purpose.

The Team

Selva Rathinam

Ravi Shankar


Adhithya Muthusamy

Madhu Damodaran